Free Speech Except for Palestine?

The times they are a changin’…? In recent months, Palestinians have once again been under attack. Across the occupied territory, the Israeli state has bombed residencies, workplaces, schools, universities, hospitals, and healthcare centres; forcibly evicted families from their homes (acts that the UN describes as a potential war crime); and arrested thousands of demonstrators –... Continue Reading →

Should Universities make you feel safe?

I recently came across a series of articles discussing the use of trigger warnings in higher education. Trigger warnings are messages to prevent students from feeling uncomfortable or upset by some ideas. The aim is to let them choose whether they want to stay. Needless to say, this has fuelled a heated debate. Partisans of... Continue Reading →

Gender Bias in IR Reading Lists

In this blog post, I review and critique the article “Gender and bias in the International Relations curriculum: Insights from reading lists” by Phull et al. published in 2019 by European Journal of International Relations. Is university  curricula of core International Relations courses biased in terms of gender? Specifically, is the literature authored by female... Continue Reading →

Has our meritocratic university displaced academic humility for good?

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash To compete with others in education requires talent, drive, ambition, hard-work and resilience. These are the attributes of a modern-day, successful meritocratic student. It is, therefore, unfortunate that to learn in a classroom setting requires an entirely different set of co-created dispositions namely trust, humility and empathy between the teacher and students. ... Continue Reading →

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