This is a blog created and managed for the Contemporary Issues in Teaching and Learning module (5) of the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCertHE) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The editorial policy is devised and applied by the module convener. Please contact tlc.pgcert@lse.ac.uk for more information.

In a number of cases, the blog contributor has chosen to use a pseudonym rather than reveal their identity. This option exists, so that contributors may blog freely without fear of discrimination. All contributors on the blog are personally known to the editor of the blog, and in this way we attempt to achieve a measure of accountability and transparency.

Disclaimer: The content posted on this blog is opinion-based and does not reflect the views of the the PGCertHE programme, the Teaching and Learning Centre, or the London School of Economics.

For PGCerters
Blog post guidance for PGCert candidates enrolled on this module including the rota/schedule, FAQ, etc. is available here. Please read it and ensure your post complies with it.

Comment Guidelines
Comments on the blog are welcome as long as they comply with our guidelines:

  • We welcome respectful, reasonable, constructive and concise comments that contribute to the discussion. Inappropriate language, offensive comments and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please do not include more than two links in a comment.
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